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ss_r_wrong's Journal

Families against social services.
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This community is for people whose lives have been affected or even destroyed by social services.

This a place to talk about how social services wreck lives, tear families apart, and conduct horrifically incompetant "assessments" (written lies) of ordinary people, whilst letting cases of horrific abuse continue until the victims either find a way of escape on their own or in the worse cases escape through death.

This is a forum for anyone who feels they need to to discuss any incidence of social services making disgusting mistakes and (literally or metaphorically) destroying people. Whether this be your own personal experience, a case in the media or something a friend has gone through doesn't matter. If you need support we are here to give it.

There is alot of information out there but most of it is written in professional/legal jargon and is very difficult to understand, IF you can even find it in the first place.

There is very little support for people who have been seperated from their loved ones by social services. Since I've never seen any, I'm here to start some.

One point, we are based in the United Kingdom so many of the issues we raise will be relevent to UK law. However please do not let that stop you from joining if you are based elsewhere in the world.

Anyone is welcome to join regardless of age, race, sexual identity, disability, creed, religion or lack of religion. We need not discriminate. Social services will victimise anyone. We will support them.

A couple of rules.

1) Please introduce yourself. Tell us a little about what brought you here. You need only tell us how much you feel comfortable with.

2) Please try not to argue. Some disagreements are inevitable given the incredibly sensitive and emotive subject but please remember we are here to support not to criticise.

3) Most importantly. This is not a community for social workers, social work assistants or any other form of professional involved in caring for the so-called vulnerable. Any such people joining should identify themselves straight away. To be honest I'm lothe to let any professionals join but I do know there are a few out there who are generally concerned about the welfare of the "vulnerable". This is a place for victims, not victors.